May 28, I even contacted Wacom support and didn’t get very far. So, it has no driver for May 24, I was able to get it working without issue.

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Before you install, right-click the icon and use the troubleshoot for compatibility option. I downloaded the international driver from Wacom Europe, removed all tablet software unsing the Wacom Utility and installed the driver.

Drivers | Wacom

But without the 32bit System Prefence switch weirdness. Open System preferences Make some changes in the Wacom preference pane.

Working with my old tablet on High Sierra for a week now, no problems or hickups. Sure I’d already done that 10 times I replaced the Info. Mav a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities.

I have very old Intuos GDU graphics tablet. I can find nothing of help on the Wacom site, so any suggestions from here?

Then switched System Preferences to 32bit and back, opening the prefpane before, in between and after.

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You can also try checking out the latest model of your tablet which is Intuos Pro. View answer in context. The preferences icon was renamed from tablet to Wacom, but now my situation is worse, as I just get the message “A supported tablet was not found” I have tried re-starting, un-plugging and plugging the USB connector in various combinations to no avail. The pref pane doesn’t open, but I have pressure control back in illustrator which is all I needed.

Just choose another usb port! It is working in all my programs again.


I even contacted Wacom support and didn’t get very far. You can change the name, if you wish, for example: May 28, All is now OK http: The preference pane went from Wacom to Bamboo, but at least it works. Go to EL Capitan, install your tablet with the original driver that came with it, open ‘Wacom Tablet Utility’ and do a ‘Restore’ with the preferences file created. If you make a standalone post for this, it will be removed. In my case Graphite ET, the first model it works.


You download the drivers from this website, http: I’ll try this preference thing only if I have to.

Any drivers for Graphire 4 that work with OS X El Capitan? : wacom

This restores a fully working prefpane. Find System Preferences in your Applications folder.

It keeps reverting if I go look in the prefs again, but if I don’t touch it, all seems well, so far. Especially if someone shares their artwork. Log in or sign up in seconds. This model is old Wacom tablet.

Product support

I also have an iMac that I need to sort out this mess on, so I’m hoping it has some sort wacok compatibility option, too. If you’re posting a giveaway, do not use a referral link. Open System Preferences in 32bit mode Now, to get rid of this error: Nov 17, 1: