Press and hold the Paper Feed Button. Select the proper sub-menu by the connection type of the printer. Turn off the printer. Exit your application software. The POS terminal will initiate the device detection and install the driver automitacilly after the keyboard is detected. Access the application software.

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Check the power cable of your prp-50 display is properlly connected to the power source if you purchase an optional power adaptor. Now you can open the web browser and type the IP address of your PRP as listed in the self-test paper.

When connecting the printer to the POS terminal: If thereis no texts show on the display, check the power switch is turned on and the display is functioning. Enter the name and IP address reserved for your printer.

My USB keyboard is not functioning. When connecting the printer to the Host PC, you can: Now you can turn on the USB device again. Follow the instructions to install the utility.



Turn off the printer. Please refer to the printed Self-Test page for the code number support. Access Ethernet Test Program. Turn on the Power Switch of the printer. Switch on the POS terminal and access the operating system. Right-Click and access the Propriety of the Ethernet Icon the Ethernet port connected to the printer 3.

Select the proper COM port and baud rate to establish communication. Select LPT1 as the printer port to establish communication. Check the Virtual COM port.

Be sure to Turn-Off and Turn-On the printer again to initiate the printer with new codepage setting. Install Driver or INF afterwards.

Multi-I/O, mm/sec Print Speed Thermal Receipt Printer | POS System Manufacturer – FAMETECH

USB type and RS Check the power source. You can what suit you depending on the POS system you purchased. Access the application software. If you find the Customer display is not functining, please follow the steps as follows: Incorrect port or code command set might be the reasons that your customer display can not function as your wish.


Exit your application software. It is highly recommended that you get the POS software which suits your needs locally mainly due to language and currency. Connect your printer to your PC 3. The Customer Display is not Functing. Plug the RJ Connecter to the printer.

Select the proper sub-menu by the connection type of the printer.

Press and hold the Paper Feed Button. Then you can use your keyboard now.

Please find the supplied disc for the latest software.