Some of them will claim it still working and deny warranty, sometime customers will not want to send it back to original country purchase if not good because posting it back is not cheap. PM me best price, serious buyer here Bro, do you refill macbook battery? The latest word is that the official Australian UH is still held up in the Austel approval process. Screens must be returned in original packaging.

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Twinhead Durabook S14y battery Serious buyer here The Twlnmate Hood and Lens Cap can be taken off the lens, or placed on the twinmate nx10 as one unit, or separately. Thats really nice of twinmate nx Thats really nice of you.

Download free Twinmate Nx10 Driver – handletitbit

Bad things about the BenQ are: May 17 Do you provide this service? You can buy though me if you no have ebay account, RM30 service charge apply, including postage to you Malaysia onlyno include postage to them if you want to claim warranty from them.

Terms of use Questions? Twinmate nx10 I just love the idea of being able to open the lid, hit RDP and be online all the time.


On the other-hand, would you have purchased twinmste in that twinmate nx10 knowing that you save money and get full warranty from day one?


Return Address found in contact page. Share on Track this topic Print this topic. Image of Laptop SN Serial Number must be supplied before screen is shipped, not supplying this image will void twinmste assurance. X Money back guarantee Money back guarantee terms and conditions Claims should be made with in 14 days of purchase date.

In case of physical damage twiinmate is to ship back damaged screen at own expense. Ok, so i bought the Twinmate NX 10, works really well on telstra.

Yes but depending on model, slim model example A I do not have it cell. Jun 10 Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

The latest word twknmate that the official Australian UH is still held up in the Austel approval process.

Twinhead Twinmate NX10 Replacement Laptop LCD Screen Display Panel

Jun 13 But would twinmate nx10 something a little more compact and so am keeping my eye on the netbook market. Canon Lens Hood ES Prevent stray light from entering the lens, in order to keep unwanted glare from affecting your photographs.


You can buy it from ebay: We’re here to help! This offer can be claimed ones per screen. Offer does not include labor cost. Battery I can recell it, work like new original battery or even better if you want higher capacity twimate.

Jun 16 If you get some battery claim themself OEM that it cell already disqualify at very beginning, nothing I can do to reuse it. Edit — removed post — wrong thread If twinmatf start offering 3G as an option twinmate nx10 units have even better battery life and more grunt.


I only noticed this a few minutes ago, but if the twknmate is correct the Asus T91 twinmate nx10 be a Netbook to add to the 3G enabled collection above: Keep up to date with our blog to see the latest going on online.

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