I think you’re trying to give me a tummyache aren’t you: In case anyone wondered, I got my UA back online. I did already try the legacy driver workaround, but that didnt help unfortunately. It can handle 32 tracks on cubase moving from one bank to another. Please give it a try, If you are stuck contact me, I will do my best to help you out.

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tasscam That is still an inaccurately described condition and so you can still make a PayPal claim I had an eBay-based business. Tascqm connectivity for use in home studio: While doing the hoovering I happened to notice my partners computer has a Firewire card in it never noticed that beforeso I also tried it on hers; does exactly the same thing the device freezes until the firewire cable is removed, then everything starts blinking again.

I think you’re trying to give me a tummyache aren’t fd I realized that my prejudice came from my experience with a market that makes outrageous claims every day, and rarely does tascaj unit come along that lives up Coil Audio is a company in Lawrence, Kansas, that manufacturers retro, vintage-styled, industrial-looking mic preamps, audio transformers, and accompanying power supplies and chassis.

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It would put me off bidding, so I’m not sure why anyone would do that if it was in fact working. DV cams, iPods, etc.

Once the king of home studios its unfortunate lack of support by tascam has made it irrelevant and nearly unusable. Definitely a unit worth looking into for those who want to start up a small studio I 10882 googled “Tascam power adapter” and there are a few of them about.

FW-1082 on Win 10

Review this product Get the facts. Hi Steve, my initial assessment was a bit premature.

I got it working, and it remained stable as long as the computer and the fw were turned on. For my part, I can not implement the EQ Log in Become a member. The rear inputs allow you to hide cables.

Tascam fw – Doesn’t Connect to PC at all – Gearslutz

Create a username and password below and an account will be created and your post entered. I made it work! I will keep on trying to get it working; I will definitely keep you posted. I have to admit, I wanted to hate this unit.

I don’t think I can be bothered now though. Tascam fw – Doesn’t Connect to PC at all. DeeringAmpsAug 5, I record all my repeat, make my demos and certainly my album will be mixed in the studio pro thereafter.

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I think you have tried enough troubleshooting now. SOUNDS The sound of rascam converters is really enough for home recording, you can honestly get a quality result in the coupling to a good microphone preamp.

Windows 7 64 Bit.


The Tascam FW is a digital mixer and audio interface combined. Yes it has a power supply. In the past days I worked on HUI, and command Or have I bought a when in fact the Tascam requires an card something I couldn’t find mention of in their userguide. The EQ is of course assignable, so it doesn’t actually make any sound without linking it to a plug-in. While reviewing the TASCAM FW, I found myself reminiscing back to the days of the cassette four-track, with which an entire underground network of rebel musicians recorded their own music and traded their art with other musicians.

Someday there was no way to get it connecting to the pc.