Got a Pair, what a value! Aug 3, at I do not get this problem with electronic music. Tostitostelli , Mar 11, I want to take off the the RBT’s earpads as well, but I have no idea of how to do it. They are nice, you are right.

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It has had a number of improvements around both sound especially bass and features most notably AptX. Have you tried the Plantronics Mdr1rbt Pros?

Sony MDR-1RBT mods, equalization, impressions and so on.

Surprisingly, the headphone burn-in time did affect Bluetooth sound as well, or perhaps I got used to the static sound I was talking about; I used it with BT more then Ndr-1rbt do so with it plugged in.

Post 1 of I use them while working and they are paired with my iphone. When watching movies or talking on the phone speech intelligibility is good and the experience, though unremarkable, is satisfactory. I bought these to listen to music at work and I can listen to them all day without feeling uncomfortable.

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Tyll I would love to read Submitted by david on December 19, – Since mr-1rbt didn’t here’s my review.

English Select a language English Spanish. Page 1 of 5. According to Ausdom, they have re-tuned the Matrix 2 recently, as well as upgraded the ear pads.

Perhaps this will change as it burns in. It’s funny you post this quickie review of various BT headphones as I just purchased a pair last week: Touch screen visibility and operation was great and easy to navigate.

Almost no hiss from the amp and nice presence in the vocals, so that they are also good for podcasts and TV where silences reveal hiss. Regarding the construction, it is true that I miss some metallic parts on these but I think plastic is somewhat underestimated.

Submitted by cbus on February 28, – 5: Thanks tyll for all your hard work, please keep bringing more bluetooth headphones reviews, I just hate wires.

Sony MDR-1RBT Headband Wireless Headphones – Black | eBay

Just bought these phones today, like them quite much. This is more than enough range in the real world; we could move around our office while wirelessly listening to music. Totally worth it, quality assured, best bluetooth headphones out there! You can use it for voice commands accurately — we placed and received calls through Android’s voice activation, and ran searches through Google Now, without the phone’s software misunderstanding what we were saying.


HD Driver Unit with enlarged vents Powerful driver units are crucial in meeting the sub-bass range of contemporary music. My idea was to level out the differences between the 1Rs and the 1RBTs. The battery life and convenience are incredible.

Sony MDR-1RBT Headband Wireless Headphones – Black

Are you saying that while using bluetooth its better than the momentum? The millimeter dome type driver units are made with a liquid crystal polymer diaphragm.

Would you like to review mine? Still, I am very passionate with BT Headphones, quite obsessed actually, I have compared 24 of the best ones and some less best ones, and a few pretty bad ones. Electronic music generally is not affected too much unless you cranked mdr-1gbt bass up via equalizer for example. Hit the high notes For vocals and other mid-high range notes to sound true, the MDR-1RBT features a 40mm liquid crystal polymer film diaphragm for rigidity and lightness.

To get the full experience on Sony.