The screen easly lets dirt through and scratches easy. On a recent trip to Amsterdam, i used my digital cam and my phone and i really couldn’t tell the difference It is a great phone but if its appearance was changed then they would probably sell a lot more!! And to sort out the small memeroy stick buy 1 on line cos its cheaper thats wat i did. I can’t use the PC suite that came with the phone because my OS is compatable with it, but I can still transfer music and photos between my computer and the phone easily using either bluetooth or the USB lead. It has been uniquely of No Equal. Reviewed by l3l from UK on 25th Jan this is a class fone cant beat it Rating:

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Reviewed by Piers osborne from uk on 5th Jul this phone is very very good.

Reviewed by Stitched from uk on 22nd Feb The phone is great and the facilities are wonderful, it falls down because its made cheaply and poorly. Recent video for Di. Reviewed by khama from czech from UK on 29th Jul This is satisfication Reviewed by Rnich from UK on 3rd Mar Its a good phone but as a number of other people have noted it has a few faults The sound is exellent.

It is not durable and broken easily and I think these particularly made for women or guys with small fingers Di, K, Ki, W, etc. Reviewed by from United Kingdom on 7th Jul This phone is excellent no faults with it what so ever!


Turn on the phone with an unaccepted simcard inserted simcard from a different network 2. Reviewed by jay from england on 11th Mar ive jus got the fone on contract but now iam thinking to change it because its not what i expected, i previously had ki and i think thats better then di its the buttons ercisson look cheep and tacky, the colours good, better then the orange and cream but thats all i can say really.

Фото телефона Sony Ericsson Di. Фотография 6

It has been uniquely of No Equal. Reviewed by xNx from UK on 27th Jun This phone is the best i have had it for a year and a half ericsskn theres nothing wrong with it. Got loads of pictures on it and a few bits of music, so I have to admit that it is a very good phone.

I guess it is because i have had it for so long and it wont last for ever. Reviewed by sarah from UK on 13th Aug I have had my Di for about 3 years now it is an excellent phone the camera is brilliant and the video is good. Reviewed by katie from UK on 20th Apr ive had this phone for almost a year. All the memory I need to use for my songs from the computermy pics and my videos!

Less than 4 inches 4 – 5 inches More than 5 inches.

Фото Sony Ericsson D750i

Get this phone if you want a Sony Ericsson – you won’t go wrong! I can think to go back to some phone less then 2. Like a TV, car or washing machine.

Reviewed by Gemma from UK on 17th Feb Overall it is a great phone, with lots of key facilities like voice record, video and camera. The phone is amazing many more features on it than the i the camera is excellent and the photos load to the computer really easily and the quality of them is outstanding.


Crashes all the time and hates connection Rating: How to enter a network unlock code in a Sony-ericsson Di: If any of you say that it keeps switching off by its self then its just ur phone, because there is nothing wrong with mine so if any one wants to buy this phone u should cos its fab. The soft ware that comes with the phone is really good and easy to use. Reviewed by Daz from England on 1st Aug OK so i’ve had this phone for a year now and about to upgrade Reviewed by tash from england on 12th Jun this fone is so good.

Check where is X 6. Reviewed soyn Shiv from UK on 22nd Nov “girlie” phone? Please share your experiences to help other people choose the product that’s best for them. We will help you choose the right product for your phone.

Also people are complaining about the sound. It is a great phone but if its appearance was changed then they would probably sell a lot more!! Duplicates will wony removed. Enter the unlock received from sim-unlock.