I emailed them back like or something and they sent me a different driver but it still had the BSOd problem then I never heard from them again. Either way, a controller shouldn’t cost too much to ship and you’ll get your money refunded. The driver I had installed was a more “uptodate” version. There are a couple of things that mix it up however. I also find that targeting left and right more convenient to F11 or F12 using the controller.

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Snakebyte Final Fantasy XIV (FF) Gamepad | eBay

Submit a new link. It’s mostly just for games that don’t like that one.

Try it with a less resource-intensive game, one your PC can actually handle, and it might be more responsive. Who knows, hopefully they can update the drivers to get it working more responsively; I just hope it’s not the hardware itself that’s unreliable.

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EU Fan Fest March I personally use a Logitech F though I also had good experience with the dual shock 4 controller once you actually get it set up to work. That’s so frustrating since it’s branded and everything. Unit looks like a ps3 controller.

By reverting to the defaults that Windows 7 installs, it actually no longer gives bluescreens. I’m curious if anyone still has access to the more updated drivers lying about?



Another way to avoid this is to uncheck the setting in contdoller controller config that allows the controller to be used while the game is in the background. I rarely trust “official” game add on stuff as its usually poor quality and more a cash confroller than an enhancement to your experience.

If you do not wish us to set cookies on your device, please do not use the website. I just hit Level Either way, a controller shouldn’t cost too much to ship and you’ll get your money refunded. This website uses cookies.

My system isn’t bluescreening on any other games or activities, so I’m assuming it’s an issue with the controller since the controller is the only thing I use here that I don’t use elsewhere. Make sure that if playing in windowed mode that the game contoller selected, otherwise you could be in for a few surprises when playing with the function button on the controller as I experienced.

I also remember the driver having issue and giving everyone BSOD. But the guts inside don’t match the response feedback. Just alllow windows to install what it believes are the default drivers.

I bought mine back in 1. Are you sure it’s the controller and not your PC?

Official snakebyte Ffxiv game pad controller for PC review.

With the function key being in the position its in, it feels quite awkward having to hold that down along with another button to fffxiv something as simple as targeting yourself.


Sadly the Snakebyte USA conntroller is just giving a generic landing page at this point. If you’re unsure if something is a spoiler, spoiler tag it just to be safe. Wanted to get a PS3 one but did not want to deal with the driver thing so i just learn how to use a and been using it for over 1 year still working just like new.

Hmm, that’s a shame to hear. Please read the Square Enix cookies policy for more information. I’m using a wired controller to play right now, but I’d love to find something with a better D-pad, without snakevyte to use the marshmallow-like L2-R2 buttons on a PS3 controller.

MAC is a trademark of Apple Inc. A Patch of Gold and Fire. Spoiler tagging a comment: The trigger buttons on a Dualshock are level. NA Fan Fest Nov The company appears to not be supporting it anymore fdxiv.

However, with the November update, using a controller has become even easier with the updated user interface, making some people myself included re-consider using a game pad.