Having to completely retool I found that the short swing was an improvement as well but I think it is closer to a full swing than perceived. You’ll hit the ball farther more consistently if you make contact in the sweet spot, even with a slower or shorter swing. Jim McLean, one of my favorite golf instructors, said it best when he said: In addition to that, focusing on taking the club back slowly will encourage acceleration towards the ball for impact. It seems to me that, the more time involved, the more time there is for error!

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A better contact with the ball is going to compress the ball better even with less swing speed. The tough part for me is to rotate my shoulders but not letting go my arms Already have an account?

However, recently I have been toying with a much shorter backswing on my Driver where the backswing is what I consider about a half swing.

By limiting the scope of the backswing, this swing key promotes a compact swing that backswiing less prone to over rotation or over extension. My game completely falls apart without constant maintenance.

The Proof You Need Take the right-shoulder flexibility test. All of that may or may not be related to flexibility, but flexibility is not the key aspect of your inclinations for backswing length.


Shorten Your Swing For More Power

Sign In Sign Up. The reason I ask is that when I think the left arm is parallel when wth at a ball and not rehearsing or doing drillsvideo shows I am performing a full swing.

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Doc Haley on February 2, at My arms reach 10 o backswng maximum. I found that the short swing was an improvement as well but I think it is closer to a full swing than perceived. There is a good correlation between distance and handicap. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment.

The left-arm trick makes it easy to swing your club on plane both back and through. Chess World Championship Last month I altered my swing and shortening the BS was a big part of it to try to gain more control from the tee.

Use the Wall Exercise to shorten backswing length – The GOLFTEC Scramble

This drill from the thread is by my Evolvr instructor Stephan, sk golf. I tried a slower swing but that messed up my timing and I never got consistent results from it. By extremeldOctober 13, in Instruction and Playing Tips. I used to do a drill where I would only take my backswing to the point where my left arm got parallel to the ground.

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There is an irony in the fact that most golfers try to make a big backswing, while telling their buddies to slow down. That will let you know where to turn too. By colin20 hours ago in Tour Talk.

Now think about those occasions where you came upon a curve and had to slow down to negotiate the turn.

Played a round of golf yesterday with some guys from work. Noe my back hurts because i have not turn that much in so long.

Slow & Short Backswing – Illustrated Golf Swing Thought (Swing Key)

What I think is a normal swing is toooo long. Wit 1 2 Next Page 1 of 2. As with any statistic, there are the few outliers. Receive insider analysis, swing tips, equipment news, special offers and much more. Your right-shoulder flexibility is good. If I turn past my range arms separate from my body,lower body starts moving too much, I lift out of my posture etc We’d love to have you!