Search the Blog Go. In addition, there’s space to store your own user creations: Back in the s, Roland dominated the synth module market. Module channel voice synthesizer called “shares” See the website Roland https: However, it is a bit of a shame that there is not a compartment to hide a connected USB stick like the ones you find on some of the Roland keyboards such as the Roland Juno Gi.

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First of all, I would like to say that I liked the fact that my SMF file loaded extremely quickly almost instantly soniccfll, which is perfect for this situation. Lastly there is the stereo mini-jack headphone socket, which I am glad to say is rightly placed at the front.

Roland SonicCell Keyboard Synthesizer

In Patch mode, you can use one multi-effect. Roladn it’s a multitasking module, it’s the SonicCell’s synth section that holds the most appeal. This means that you don’t have to worry about trying to set it up using the SonicCell’s small LCD and you also rolnd no need to take your PC or Laptop on stage. You get many emulations of the real thing as you work your way through nearly presets, with a good selection of acoustic and electric pianos, strings and basses with some great velocity-switchingetc.


It is clean and transparent enough. New, it may be a bit expensive but it is present on occasion seen its coast. Roalnd is a tiny volume wheel, which is really annoyingly difficult to adjust in poor lighting, such as a dark stage. Once rolane into computer, then has a complete and well done editor that allows you to use the tool thoroughly and without difficulty.


I think that the hardest thing for getting a good sounding backing track is getting the mix level of each instrument right.

If I had the choice again, I would resume the MODEL as it is extremely comprehensive, trs trs a good quality in the bottom as in form, and it is a production tool alone. This gives you complete control of the unit’s entire featureset from within soniccwll DAW, and once you’ve got it running, the SonicCell makes much more sense as a product for computer-based musicians.

It can be used as a virtual backing band and you can simply create a playlist of your songs or backing tracks with the software Playlist Editor and then sohiccell the playlist to a USB stick.

The SonicCell weighs 1.

ROLAND SONICCELL REVIEW / Absolute Music | Absolute Music

The effects are numerous, they can sonicce,l routed in many different ways I have not tested all that. Its blend of features is one we haven’t seen before, yet rather than coming across as innovative, the SonicCell looks, feels and sometimes sounds slightly dated. Nowadays, with the banks computer, hardware The screen is ridiculously small and provides too little information compared to the possibilities and the logic is Roland could increase the memory or it can be stored on soniccel USB stick.

Image 1 of 2 CMU All you need to do is to install the included driver software on your computer and then run a USB cable between the port on the back of the SonicCell and your computer.

Sort by most recent rolanr useful. Many of us feel that Roland should have put out software versions of some of their modules by now, but they’ve consistently – some might say stubbornly – refused to put their name to products that have to be used with a Mac or PC.


The JV in particular was legendary, but the rolland haven’t quite moved with the times.

User reviews: Roland sonic Cell – Audiofanzine

What is interesting for me: For synth sounds, I find too electro-oriented for my taste not much to play the JM Jarre, for example I paid an SRX Symphony to compose and then a lot of rope out really well special mention as the oboe very realistic. The input level can be set with a knob, though this is too small and iddly for anything other than ‘set it and forget it’ purposes.

The ‘MIDI Inst’ button was also lit, but it was not very obvious how I could scroll through and soniccel, the on-board sounds. Did you find this review helpful? Back in the s, Roland dominated the synth module market.

You can edit your part multi-timbral sounds and there is very little drain on your computer’s resources. On the downside, some of the editor’s routing screens may confuse beginners, as will the rather verbose and overly complicated SonicCell manual. I have often thought and often said that finding the right keyboard for performing ‘live’ is difficult in as much as you have to make some form of compromise between having a very playable instrument and having the sounds you need.

I often wonder what goes through the minds of the designers that are given this type of task, but obviously they have more important considerations than simply how user-friendly it is.