After two years Pfefferbergs emigrated to the United States. I called today and they got me in right away. He attended high school in Crakow and earned a masters degree in philosophy and physical education from Crakow University. I had to bring my 2 small kids with me and she handle them so well. Views Read Edit View history. He could have taken the money and gone to Switzerland

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After two years Pfefferbergs emigrated to the United States.

Welcome to Poldek Family Dental

I was shocked how quick and easy that tooth came out. Retrieved from ” https: Almost perished including his parents, sister and brother-in-law. In his acceptance speech Spielberg thanked “a survivor named Poldek Pfefferberg I am moving my whole family over to them.

He gave safe haven to as many Jewish workers as possible, insisting to the occupying Nazi officials that they were “essential workers”, a status that kept many from certain death. It was like the saying: He has carried the story of Oskar Schindler to all of us.

But instead, he gambled his life and all of his money to save us All the staff are friendly, Christina is awesome and Poldek do just about everythingfilling, tooth extraction s and crowns.


After the war Pfefferberg settled first in Budapestthen in Munich where he organized a school for refugee children.

Poldek Pfefferberg – The Schindler Jews

Ginger Seehafer’s Art Page Artist. He tried on a number of occasions po,dek interest the screenwriters and film-makers he met through his business in a film based on the story of Schindler and his actions in saving Polish Jews from the Podlek, arranging several interviews with Schindler for American television.

Sections of this page. We must tell your story He’s an excellent Dr. Why was Pfefferberg so focused on bringing Schindler’s story out?

Because when I am no longer here, when the Schindler Jews are not here, the foundation will still go on. I called today and they got me in right away. He also does same day crowns while you wait.

Standing outside Poldek Pfefferberg’s store, he was ushered out of the degree heat podek Pfefferberg. The movie would start shooting in earlySpielberg told him. He and his wife Lyudmila were saved by Schindler — the rest of his family was not as lucky. He gained a master’s degree in philosophy and physical education from the Jagiellonian University.

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Poldek Pfefferberg

Clyde’s Donuts Food Wholesaler. He could have taken the money and gone to Switzerland He decided to replace his briefcase. He was immediately taken with the paradoxical character of Oscar Poldwk, a tall, handsome German, a chain-smoking bon-vivant who bought a previously Jewish owned factory and saved its Jewish slave laborers.

Retrieved 8 September See more of Poldek Family Dental on Poldej. After the Liberation in Mai,Poldek and Ludmila had gone first to Budapest and eventually to Munich where Poldek — a physical education instructor before the war — organized a school for displaced children. Looking forward to my overall Plan that will help improve my health and great smile.

During that time ooldek acquired skill as a welder. He began to work a little for Schindler, procuring rare commodities for him on the black market.