The slight performance gain may simply due to the 2T vs 1T command rate. A Serial port is still plenty useful in networking environments, but parallel? With easy to access PCIe locks like the ones on the GA-PDS4, it doesn’t matter if the videocard has a large double-slot heatsink, access is unimpeded. Instead, let’s take a forward looking stance and ask ourselves why we cling to the parallel printer port? The metal plates will help to dissipate heat which may in turn provide a much higher overclocking.

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We have received the 1. In a nod to improving your working environment and increasing the longevity of the motherboard itself, the GA-PDS4 features a totally silent copper heatpipe based chipset and MOSFET thermal solution.

It is really only on the integrated features, and extra heatsinks and ports and connectors where there is variation. Under load, it consumes 27W less than the i board. Despite the fact that there are two X16 PCIE slot, only the primary slot supports 16 lanes while the secondary slot only supports 4 lanes. It is good to see that despite the fact that the memory on the GA-PDS4 is running at 2T command rate rather than 1T that is with the i board, the performance is not being affected.

Low Power Loss — Ferrite Core Choke Design Ferrite core chokes comprised of a compound of iron oxide and other metal elements whose properties hold energy much longer than common iron core at high frequency.

Privacy policy and Terms of Use. This goes to show you that the synthetic benchmark does not always represent the real-life performance and each benchmark can vary. I was able to overclock the processor to 3. The closeness of the memory slots could cause problem for users with four sticks who wishes to overclock.


Gigabyte Technology GA-P35-DS4, LGA 775/Socket T, Intel (GA-P35-DS4 (rev. 2.0)) Motherboard

Pioneering such technologies as the i-Ram and all solid capacitor design of their motherboards, it easy to see why they have grown to be a world class provider of technology to the home user. With easy to access PCIe locks like the ones on the GA-PDS4, it doesn’t matter if the videocard has a large double-slot heatsink, access is unimpeded. Want to know why the Gigabyte GA-PDS4 has heatsinks mounted on the back, all solid aluminum capacitors and a few other component level tweaks?

Once again, both boards perform equally well. The included four USB ports is a little on the shorter side and the lack of secondary Gigabit LAN ports is slightly disappointing as it is often found on other similar priced motherboards.

Memory ratio and the preset ratio is somewhat limited as we will show later with out overclocking result. We also see the four memory slots nearby which are color coded for dual channel.

Although Gigabyte claims that their design will produce cooler boards, lower EMI interference, and resist rust better than standard iron core chokes, we cannot d4s these claims.

Motherboard manufacturers play a large role in separating the product lines, determining what makes one motherboard a high end mobo you’d give your left arm for, and another on the same chipset perfect for a low cost office PC. In addition, we see four USB headers, two Firewire headers, and an IDE connector which has been rotated to 90 degrees from the motherboard. Gigabyte actually hides these options. However, all these are minor complaints to a well-designed, feature-riched dd4.


Join us as we take a closer look at this board and put it dd4 the EVGA i motherboard.

Ports and connectors are labeled well, jacks and cables organized nicely. A Serial port is still plenty useful in networking environments, but parallel?

I believe that Gigabyte designs the motherboard to work with both 4-pin or 8-pin power connector as there is a cover which covers four of the eight pins. Nothing ss4 is found under the Power Management Menu. An increased FSB speeds up data communication between the processor and system bus.

At first glance, I thought, something is missing.

In addition, you will find a wide range of software included though I am p355 sure if they are trial-ware or full version. The Gigabyte has been a huge manufacturer of motherboards.

Gigabyte GA-PDS4 Intel P35 Express Motherboard Review –

The motherboard comes with total of five fan headers: We can see that Gigabyte choose all silent heat pipe design for the Northbridge and Southbridge cooling.

One thing which I found to be slightly limited is the System Memory Multiplier. There is no memory timing setting. I do not particularly like how Gigabyte uses OK rather than display the real voltage for the components.