Also included in the box are a padded carrying bag, two 35mm film holders – one for strips of up to six frames and another one accommodating up to four mounted slides -, a USB cable, a mains adapter, an installation CD, SilverFast software on another CD and, with the AI version, a 35mm IT8 calibration target as well. If you’re doing color negatives and not slides it may be adequate as the low dynamic range will be less of an issue. The film holders, while plastic, feel sturdy and well made. Hi Ryan, Plustek OpticFilm doesn;t has true dpi, it has about true dpi resolution. Now look at the thin concentric lines in both crops. The quick-time on demand tutorial makes this thing simple to use, even for an idiot like me. If you are printing 11×14 I would assume 8×10 should be fine as well.

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Just because a camera is 12mp vs a 10mp camera does not necessarily optkcfilm that the image will be sharper. As noted above, you get two different 35mm film holders along with the scanner.

Plustek OpticFilm 7500i Scanner

That is very nice, but what about black-and-white films and Kodachrome? So I took approximately the same crop from the Nikon scan, and ‘uprezzed’ it to match the size 7500k the dpi crop.

Maybe this scanner doesn’t have all the bells and whistles of one of the super high end and super high priced 7500j, but for someone who just wants to archive their personal photos on their own time, it performs way off the top of the charts. Share This Page Tweet. For the last several years, Apple has been preparing to transition to a purely bit system.

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I would have no qualms about going to 13″ x 19″. I have a brief previous experience with a Minolta Dimage dualscan IV and the Plustek is better in all regards, specially the infrared dust reduction that the Minolta lacks.

Plustek OpticFilm i Scanner | eBay

For this reason, those who plan on using the QuickScan utility only should consider buying the cheaper OpticFilm instead of the i. I expected this function to improve shadow detail, but found it to be most effective on the highlights, as these crops showing a detail of a white T-shirt show:.

For my slides, dpi is way enough, with dpi, the quality does not rise, but scan time and data volume do. After a short period of getting familiar, the software is easy to use and the scanner provides very acceptable image quality. Sorry folks, reality says otherwise.

Plustek OpticFilm i Review | Photography Blog

It will take a lot of scans of the same image to learn how to optimize the results. I scan using multi-exposure and multi-scan usually 4 passes for 5 total at a reported dpi and have not experienced a 19 minute scan.

But just because the Plustek’s allegedly higher resolution doen’t quite stand competition with the Nikon’s dpi, it doesn’t mean that it’s a low-resolution scanner in absolute terms. Yes I can scan and create a file that big, but I don’t see any more detail beyond Given that QuickScan provides no access to some of the Plustek i’s most useful features, you will have to learn how to use SilverFast, no matter how intimidating it may seem at first sight. About this product Product Information The Plustek OpticFilm i, a dedicated dpi film scanner, now brings you a more powerful scanning device with its added Multi-Exposure for slides and negative films which brings out the best quality on photos and images at the most affordable price.

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For every single step there is a Q button to use if you need it. If you were thinking of buying the Plustek OpticFilm i AI for its headline-grabbing dpi resolution, you might feel a little disappointed. It should be far better than a V in terms of resolution.

Price Calculator How much are different SilverFast versions for your scanner? Now look at the thin concentric lines in both crops.

What do Plustek users say about SilverFast? The crops below show the same detail of the photo above, scanned at dpi with and without iSRD:. My family has hundreds of old Kodachrome slides stored away in slide clips and carousels. Subscribe to Product News. Even though the Nikon scan is interpolated up from a lower resolution, it is clear that it’s sharper and more detailed than the Plustek at its native dpi. I have a i and aand Opticfilj love the i.

Optcfilm films are not simply the inverse of positive film – they all have an orange mask, which needs to be filtered out in order to get the colours right. The Plustek OpticFilm i ships in a large box, but the scanner itself is among the smallest I’ve seen. The multi-sample option REALLY cuts down on noise and grain — even in my print negatives that weren’t taken using high speed film! And with about 5 minutes!

Apparently, you need to scan in bit mode to take advantage of this, and save the resultant scan in a bit-per-channel format such as TIFF or JPF. Some of the articles are very specific Plustek reviews.