Mon Jan 21, 3: That’s quite a bit to digest. If you get nothing, does the drive spin up at all, or does it not even do that? It is a waste of money to buy both. Remove any that show up in ImgBurn. Well, the whole goal of a bootable DVD is to avoid having to boot into your existing Windows installation, so we can bypass that as a possible source of issues.

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Sat Jan 19, 4: A bootable USB stick is a very useful thing to have as you are discovering because it lets you bypass your installed OS to test the hardware with a different system – it’s a very effective way of telling between Windows issues and hardware issues, without flattening your existing OS install.

Anyhoo, the drive reads CDs. It all seems so messy so I didn’t bother looking for the model of the laptop. So stick a bootable Windows or Linux disc in the optical potiarc, and when it boots up, does it try to boot off of it?

Sony NEC Optiarc Adb Dvd±rw Writer | eBay

I am using Windows Vista. Fri Jan 18, 3: Sat Jan 19, 2: Mon Jan 21, 5: I don’t really have friends.

I think I am going to die if a has to do with the old drive. If it boots up ok, you know you have a software issue. Select the thumb drive and when the Ubuntu loader comes up, there will be options for running a Live version right off the USB or installing Ubuntu to the hard drive.

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Problem with DVD Drive Optiarc AD 7530B

The FixIt tool from MS really sucks at this. I know, I know, this whole ‘I don’t have money’ and ‘I have nobody I can go to for help’ sounds stupid and annoying and pathetic and utterly trivial and a complete non-issue for most people.

If 3I am going to pretend 3 doesn’t exist because things are messy enough as it a. Sun Nov 25, 3: Thu Nov 22, 4: Is there truly no way to diagnose what’s wrong without having to put in some money upfront? For me, at least. Remove any that show up in ImgBurn. It keeps telling me to please insert a disc.

Problem with DVD Drive Optiarc AD B – Ars Technica OpenForum

Anyhoo, I’m guessing Ubuntu is some kind of Operating System thingy that I’m using to bypass the Windows inside my laptop, to check if it’s Windows or the drive that’s causing the problem? There’s nothing to do there, but I managed to find out the boot sequence or something has the Optical Disc Drive as “First”. Without that specific model number off the laptop itself, you can’t trust what the OS says.

Then you either buy another drive to test with, or you learn to poke around in your laptop’s BIOS to see if opriarc can force it to attempt to boot off of the DVD drive be it the internal or the external to see if you can bypass Windows to eliminate the possibility of Windows being the problem. I have no where else to test it.


I am very apprehensive to try another OS as I’m really not familiar with how it works. When you have the external DVD plugged in, you’re trying the same thing. I have no choice but to optoarc work with the premature and unproven conclusion that it is the DVD drive that is spoiled.

Sun Jan 20, 6: Anyhoo, is this whole messing with the BIOS thing healthy for the laptop? Please please please HELP! I don’t know what the heck to do.

If you load up Ubuntu and it still can’t read disks in either the built-in potiarc or the external, then you’ve most likely got “Major Issues” and need to start looking for another laptop.

I can load an OS and tell it that it’s installed on a Uber-Bichin, even if the logo on the front says Gateway.