Works, but not that well.. What this means from your end is the Internet comes into your home via the telephone wall sockets. But when running well thay are a fast modem. Ethernet On The Ethernet connection is on this port is active. If you are having issues accessing the Internet, always be sure to check these two lights. Off There is no Ethernet connection on this port. Turn the power on and wait for the modem to power up.

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Netcomm NB6 Hardware Setup Setup Guide | Support

At this point you can reconfigure the modem as needed. Once you have connected the modem and it has powered up, check the ADSL light.

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Don’t Miss a Deal Subscribe. Whilst it did work fine for about a year, its recently started dropping the NBN connection regularly and only re-connecting when it feels like doing so. Jb6 when running well thay are a fast modem. Ehternet connection with HPO and Toshiba plaptops impossible.

What this means from your end is the Internet comes into your home via the telephone wall sockets. The service provider wasn’t particularly helpful in that the only advice was to purchase a new Netcomm router from them the current one was obtained directly from Netcomm and is still under warranty.


Thanks to the support of our valued customers, we are continously growing and adding on new lines at amazing prices for you. Also the range is nothing special and it drops our fairly easily. In order for the signal to get to your computer, a device needs to translate this information into a form the computer can understand. Partner with Us Join ShoppingSquare. Connecting the Modem This part of the guide will walk you through a basic setup of the hardware using one computer with an Ethernet connection.

Perfect for users who prefer having a direct connection through USB to their computer or for those who don’t have a network card the NB6 is the ultimate in choice with both Ethernet and USB connections to suit all users.

Off The modem is off or not getting power. Turn the power on and wait for the modem to power up. Netcomm support advised to nbb6 the firmware which I have yet to do due to time constraints but why would something that was fine for a year suddenly need a firmware update??

Setting up Netcomm NB6 / NB6PLUS4W

The following guides you have chosen are displayed below: Yes, there are better at 4 to 5 times the price. Connect the power supply cable into the modem and plug the adaptor into a power point. Plus the 3 year warranty was a bonus.


Write a review on ProductReview. Off USB port not connected. We offer shipping discounts for multiple item purchases and checkouts. Your trust is our top concern.

NetComm NB6

The NB6 has also been tested with Microsoft’s new operating system, Windows Vista, and is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a modem that will work with the new OS. Here’s how it works. Avoid using phone cables other than the one supplied with the modem, otherwise you may have connection problems.

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The modem has a series of lights on the front to indicate the status of the modem at any netcom time. Using a paperclip or pen tip, hold down the Reset button for 10 seconds and release.

On the back of the modem are the connections and the reset button for performing a factory reset. Do not turn off the modem while this happens.