I can see that English is difficult for you, but try to give some more information. Try to explain a bit better what happens. Svet on September, Where did you get the “” information from? Please provide all we need to know.

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I can see that English is difficult for you, but try to give some more information. Change that first and come back later Did that work as expected no error messages etc?

Try it and see, should have no 7137 I guess. We cannot help you if chispet don’t know your system or problem. Where did you get the “” information from? Neither anybody here in this forum or MSI can be held responsible, if anything goes wrong. Answer the question above and paste mainboard SN.

If you decide to use the much older Final Release, please make sure that you try to avoid MSI Live Update or any other Windows based flashing method as well. Let’s clear things up a bit.

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MSI MS-7173 User Manual: Mainboard Specifications

However, you said you have a RCM 2 board, which should use v3. So, if you want to take a shot at trying to fix your problem with a BIOS Update and face the risk that is involved here as in every updateI suggest you use the latest release. Pentium D 3. In that case, follow this procedure: The title of your thread contains the string “MS”.

How exactly ‘doesn’t chkpset work’?

What problems are you having? Stu on September, Okay, please try to be a little more descriptive here: Please provide all we need to know. MS is your board’s model number. Please login or register.

MS | Msi MS LGA FSB DDR2 Sata Mb

So what problem you got then? When you press F8, does the Boot Menu Appear usually it is F11, but could be different on your board. The Model Number is MS, right? Too possible you to have OEM board.


That info isn’t enough. Unstable drivers and background applications and services and there are numerous could interfere with the procedure and cause it to fail. However, before that is worth a try, we should make sure that you mainboard information is correct. If yes, what is it set to? Something seems strange here.

The result is usually that the system will not start-up anymore. It can be found on the product page for your board AAMS. I will upload it here again. This flash risk is very low in pure DOS mode and when your system is rock-stable yet it still existsbut it is very high when the procedure is done from within Windows with MSI Live Udpate and stuff like that.