You can create several alarm clocks and choose a custom ring tone, name and volume, type of reoccurrence daily, once for each of them. Each picture can be set as a wallpaper or a screensaver. It shows no peculiarities or differences from other Motorola’s models. The disposition of a Menu button is a pleasant feature; it is under the navi button. This function is really well done despite the overall simplicity. Similar to other models a lighting indicator is present in the phone. Melody samples KB, mp3.

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Shortly due to the absence of similar solutions by other manufacturers it got clear the experience is successful. You will see your appointments bind to a certain time of the day in the calendar in motorolaa stand by mode, it’s convenient. The most convenient part is that after mocking the picture it can be stored with a new name.

Impressions The network reception quality is well. GPRS class 10 is present, the settings are rather simple, just follow your operator’s instructions and everything will be done in a matter of minutes. The phone has a good loudspeaker; it can be compared with best products by other manufacturers. Have something motoroka add?!

The target group is people who need the device only for connection means and use a wireless headset. The Motorola C is interesting as an assortment solution.


Whenever you turn the phone ON you will be asked to personalize your mobile phone. Enter the Motorola C, a mundane looking handset with no groundbreaking features, but one that’s actually rather interesting for different reasons.

Discontinued 24th February Each entry can be provided with a name, start time, length measured in hours, the minimal amount of time – 30 minutes. Sounds – the information about all sound files located in the phone’s memory is stored here.

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However, as the motoroal shows, these sound editors are nothing more than a toy for most of the users. The alarm clocks are an ideal solution for these needs; they can be activated by one motkrola press and will warn you about the appointment. On the whole the keypad’s ergonomics is average; it is not very good or bad. The menu does not support fast number navigation, but you can setup shortcuts for almost every menu item or function.

This phone was designed for permanent use, that’s why entering names and titles for the alarm clocks is required. Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, composer. An interesting solution that allows setting up your mobile even more customized.

Motorola C – Mobile Gazette – Mobile Phone News

This may come handy in case you want to edit a photo, and not to ruin the original. Design Dimensions x 44 x The player is similar to other Motorola’s phones; everything is clear and easy to understand.


We failed to send pictures via Bluetooth, since found motoroola corresponding menu item. Name sorting is possible in different ways speed dialing number, name, e-mail address.

Warning can be set in advance. It is a set of wallpapers, color schemes for the menu, sounds and ring tone types.

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After you press the Menu button you will get access to the memory functions, as well as the currency converter. And now you do not have to move your finger far away to access motorolla menu, this is convenient.

Working with MMS does not bring any inconvenience; everything is simple and understandable.

It allows to forget about setting up various separate timers for the phone’s turning on. Most headline grabbing phones tend to be high-end handsets, pushing back the boundaries of things like camera resolutions, screen sizes and other clever features.

The headset is rather ascetic in functions and provides only the main possibilities. The function can also be used for synchronization with PC.