Hey, remember that cute little mbook M1 that was all the rage earlier this year? The UMID running xp is definitely a umpc in my eyes. Sorry again and please check item listing. If they fix those in their next version, that and the inevitable evolution after the first version will make it a killer device. Is it possible to run Mac OS X Acer Aspire E11 ES1.

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Design and form factor. What’s the best Intel ultra-mobile CPU? This device, for all its flaws, still looks like the best solution for me as it is pocketable, has a webcam, and runs most stuff that I need.

At long last, e-tailer Justek has begun t See notes on Skype below. I seem to recall a fixup mod on a samsung nexio where he used a pinch clip to keep a top heavy pda from falling like that. One of the frustrations of UMID’s first-gen mbook M1 was the absence of a standard USB port; instead you had to remember to carry an awkward adapter dongle.

A dive into the range of processors and features from Intel.

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How ridiculous is that! If they fix those in their next version, that and the inevitable evolution after the first version will make it a killer device. We also m11 to report a slight sub-mm in the top-right bowing-up of the keyboard after a week of use.

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I had a 5mx. Well when it arrived with no Disk or Certificate I asked for these to be sent to me and this is the reply I received:.

Mboik picture is clear running at x but looks a little washed out. There are lots of things that worry me about this device, especially the screen hinge. I want to buy one of the plugs realy and make a cable with an inline socket. Especially the part about the angle mbokk the screen, that would be a major problem for me. HP Chromebook 11 G3. Handwriting, annotations and more, with ease. For such a tiny pocketable and light g device, it carries a huge amount of power.

umid mbook m1

The screen hinge problem is not much of a problem if you plug a mouse in so you not jabbing at the screen. If I remember, it is said it runs Windows XP? No usb, not true, miniplug usb with adaptor of you can mbook a cable and a female to female adaptor.


Good for recording interviews or thoughts for transcribing. Jkk has both devices Post the question on his site jkk mobile. The left side is blank. Acer Aspire E11 ES1 Thought I would answer some of the points with my own observation after a few days with the machine. We’ve added this product to our database but we haven’t actually tested it yet.

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In fact, with the XP version we have here we wont hesitate to call it an ultra mobile PC. If i can get one of these for euro not including 3G I think, for me, its going to be worth it and ill put up with the screen issue.

Point for click, point and hold for right. Then here is an order of thousands for our University.