Remove the CD and power down the server. The values take effect when you boot the server. Two types of text commands are supported: In this case, the privilege level for the channel that is not to be accessed with the associated password should be set to No Access. Alphabetic hex digits a-f can be entered in uppercase or lowercase.

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AC Power Input Connector Jumper Information This section provides general information on changing jumper settings as well as specific jumper configuration for individual boards in the system. Only a trained service technician should integrate, configure, or service this system.

CD Recovery activity begins. If alert acknowledge is enabled, then retries are sent only when if a timeout occurs while waiting for the acknowledgement.

An interactive environment that allows EFI device drivers to be loaded, EFI applications to be launched, and operating systems to be booted. BIOS and boot software e. Power on the server by pressing the power button on the front control panel.

MAXDATA QutePC? Product guide |

For help on the control key sequences you need for this option, re fer to the help menu. Enter a value between 0 and 7. Select the Anonymous User box and click on the Edit button to configure this user. If the anonymous user is selected for modification, the screen maxdaata does not include this edit box because the user name cannot be changed.

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The SMU disables user-level authentication so that if a user is attached with a privilege level of User, no authentication is done on messages sent to or from the BMC. The backplane board accepts hard drives up to 15,RPM.

Select the box for Turn BMC echo of received characters on. Clicking on the branch will expand and collapse it, showing or hiding the SDRs of that type.


When qutep-1000 server has been successfully rebooted to the service partition software, the supported service partition utilities are displayed, as shown below.

Yes Loads the system setup defaults.

Parity This drop-down determines the parity type that is used when transmitting the page data. Advanced Table 9 describes the menu items available on the Advanced screen.

QutePC-1700 Series

Instead, proceed to the next policy table entry that has the same policy number, but has a different channel destination. Setup and any other text-based utilities can be accessed via console redirection. This mode is for applications that connect to the server via an external modem.

Make appropriate changes to any options that are displayed by bright white type on the screen. Table 4 describes each menu item in the Boot Maintenance menu. The system weight listed above is an estimate for a fully configured system and will vary depending on the number of peripheral devices and add-in cards as well as the number of processors and DIMMs installed in the system. The front panel board provides three main functions for the system: Power supply modules The power subsystem can be configured as follows: Boot to the EFI shell.

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Follow any other instructions in the BIOS release notes. Indicates LAN activity status.

The sequence of steps that occur when starting the remote SMU mazdata is listed below. This chapter describes how error handling operates during SMU task execution. This option sets the maximum rate in bits per second at which the data can be transmitted through the serial port.

The front panel video port supports resolutions up to x These files include utilities, diagnostics, and other software required for remote management. Off – redundant feature is not available The power redundancy feature requires each of the following conditions be present.

If this is not done, the username is not useable on the serial channel for terminal mode.