However the screen is a little bit worse than in a cheaper HP model iPaq rz twice as little backlight levels, somewhat worse viewing angles. HP iPaq h h Review”. The device is meant first of all for new users, who have never used a handheld before. The answer is yes! New models appear due to upgrade of old ones. The H was succeeded by the similarly-designed H Other “cooked” roms have been provided by the group known as xda-developers and are available for the hx series, the hx and others.

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The handheld can be charged lpaq via the docking station, or directly through the cable. Archived from the original on 19 November Available ROM is The company stuck to the way of the least resistance using HP iPaq as the basis: There will be a turning point this year — the number of new communicators will exceed that of new PDAs.

The results are not bad. The price depends greatly on the region.

HP iPAQ h4150 Full Review

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This way the cradle can just sit on your desk without having that long USB cable attached to it when you don’t need it. There are three modifications of the new HP model.


Incidentally, there is no need to set the device to use the keyboard. In mid-AugustHP announced that they are discontinuing all webOS devices, and possibly mobile devices. The Series shares the same basic design, though the different size batteries and housings require plastic inserts in the ‘s cradle see image.

HP iPAQ H Pocket PC Handheld PDA Bluetooth WiFi Bundled With Accessories Mp3 | eBay

The video playback index is low, only point of HTC Galaxy with the same processor performs twice as better. Here at the bottom we see a synchronization port. This is a functional utility for the data backup, one of the best in its class.

There is an extended battery for this PDA mAhwith it the battery life performance will be much higher. So the new iPAQ h and ioaq arrived and had us drop everything else for a few days. Which means that armed with a Series and the T, I pretty much always have internet access. You can also use a GPS device that communicates with the h via Bluetooth.

A joystick and application buttons are comfortable and good for gaming. Anyway, of the 64MB, about 57MB is available to the user, and between three and seven is reserved for non-volatile internal backup.

Gradually following the market changes and the extension of the model line there emerged 3 distinct classes: The second part stands for the playback of mobile content. See the examples of the photos:. Under the same conditions the notebook has never lost the connection.


HP iPaq Pocket PC H Specs – CNET

Although at first sight the with its 2. For a week we actively used Wi-Fi and have the following resume. The Bluetooth connection wizard is very simple to use, it is exactly the same program as that included with the iPAQ h device. Quite ironic given that Pocket PCs were once considered complicated and Palms simple.

Yp do not light up and are thus more difficult to use in the dark. It weighs just under five ounces, perhaps 0. The “S” model is the hot version, the one with the super charger. To take out the PDA from the case you should make an effort, during this process you can accidentally press the camera button.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Make your own choice, we just list shortcomings:. During the video playback the PDA performed well:.