Connect Usb Cable I’ll try returning it to the store. In color I have no green. It works fine most times! Assuming there is ink in the cartridge, some people have made them work by soaking the print nozzle area in hot water or by using a vacuum cleaner. Common colors like red magenta combined with yellow and green cyan combined with yellow require yellow to create them.

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Today, the sheet to print rolled out sort of doubled over, no printing.

Hp Deskjet c Manuals

Sometimes, even with ink present, a cartridge can be defective. I suggest that you uninstall whatever you installed and follow the instructions on the web page below.

Additional Setup Information I’ve had 2 bad cartridges this month. Have no clue how to fix it.

hp deskjet c | FixYourOwnPrinter

Resolution-specified Bitmap Font Definition The only driver available is included with Windows XP. I have come to the same conclusion in the past years.

All the lights are on an no error ph appear. Michael, Refer to the post above yours. Thanks for any feedback. My printer won’t print yellow, or any other color that has yellow in it. Recently when trying to 81c2 checks in Quickbooks, instead of feeding the checks one at a time, several go in at once.


Print A Page Font Type ubyte It may be broken. The odds favor a cartridge problem. A drop or two of a Teflon based lubrication or Tri-Flo lube is best, but even a household 3 in 1 type oil, can be used. If not, then delete and reinstall the driver. First simply try cleaning the electrical contacts carefully and gently, with Distilled Water on Q-Tips or on a lint free rag.

No belts are broken, all the lights flash constantly and the printer won’t work. Move Cap Vertical rows Never did this before Detailed Command Description If the problem coincided with the cartridges being refilled I would suspect the cartridges. With a dry paper towel I dsskjet see magenta and blue; with a distinctly damp one I get all three colors, but distinctly less yellow, and just a trace on the old cartridge.

hp deskjet 812c

Sorry this is more advice than a final solution but thought the input might keep you from going through the frustration of future occurences. How can I cancel a job that is stuck in the memory of the hp deskjet c?

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Sometimes I get the middle paperfeed light flashing which is normally “needing paper”. You can find drivers at: You probably need to remove and reinstall the driver.

dfskjet I will try all of them. Thanks in advance for your help! Maintaining Your Printer Any help or comments will be greatly appreciated. Back in December I emailed back and forth with HP Support, and they suggested all the stuff I have listed in the previous post, but with no luck.