For the Xsense routers and many other brands, the router settings are done through a browser. So far, the Safari browser will see the web cam, but Safari will not be able to change the settings on the net can. User profile for user: For UPnU, we left it as enable, even though it may not be used. You should check out a service like DynDNS to provide an easy to use WAN capability to a computer on your network, however, I don’t think it will help you with the web cam.

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The IP address of your modem must be known.

I chose an internal IP of It can be reached from you networked computer by merely typing the internal IP of the net cam into the URL window. The hole does not allow the incoming call to go just anywhere, though: Ask a question Reset.

Mar 19, Mar 20, 6: Airport Admin Utility is found among your applications, in the Utilities folder. After saving those entries, quite Airport Admin Utility. You should now be ready to configure the net cam itself. The possibilities are almost endless.


That requires knowing the IP address of my modem, which I know, and it also requires setting up port mapping using Airport Admin Utility. It should be possible for me now to address the web cam by typing into the Safari URL box the modem IP with colon 80, to get through to the port It should be accessible from anywhere in the world. Paul Boyer Paul Boyer. For the Xsense routers and many other brands, the router settings are done through a browser.

Posted on Mar 19, 8: User profile for user: All replies Drop Down menu. Check the DynDNS website to see how this is done.

Reply Helpful Thread reply – more options Link to this Post. On the advice of the Hawking tech support man, we also opened a video port for the same net cam address. The most critical settings are made through the browser we used FireFox.

I have HNC webcam nd i dont have drivers of this webcam, so how to get drives?

You might want to bookmark the entry for convenience. Frank Canzolino Frank Canzolino.

Mar 19, 9: For Default Gateway, enter the internal address of your modem, which as a default webczm Port mapping a web cam More Less.

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I should be able to access it from the WAN, over the Internet, from another computer somewhere else in the world.

Webcam Software

Below that, enter your service user name or your email address, and the the Password for your service. Reply I have this question too I have this question too Me too Me too.

That means, if you are away on vacation, you can always have bnc look at how your home is doing. I have been told that one must nhc NAT to do this, so I have made the configuration to do that.

Webcam Software – Download Web Camera Programs for your Computer.

Port mapping also called port forwarding, or a virtual server is set up through the software for the router. That is how I get the IP of the modem. The net cam should then be hooked up to your LAN in my case, the usual Ethernet network.