I managed to log in, using user and password, but the next it asked me to select language, and after i did that, it just sit there without going any farther. I have updated the post above with a link to that firmware. Finally, found out from netcamera. I downloaded from this site the 1. It seems that the firmware is for Model 2 not 3. Now it does function very well via firefox and, accessing the stream via http: Mega Pixel II Wifi.

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The problem is this: I had a bit of trouble getting it running on Wifi with WPA, but got there eventually. Ending up running a web server and writing some java script to grab the still images and serve them.

Grandtec IP camera URL

I use 5 of these from a mac and iphone the mjpeg works really nicely and it also works with the cam server of a synology NAS. With the firmware update the mjpeg just works!!


As Dubnuts mentioned earlier, I also plan on using mine on my synology NAS boxes they have built in IP cam recording softwareso fingers crossed this too works. Start typing in the “Make” vamera to find your camera.

I use motion detection in the software i use and it is constantly recording because the crappy camera keeps screwing up the frames. Everything works great now. Thanks to Marcin for sending me his original firmware.

Grandtec USA – Driver Downloads

I found this forum where somebody made my same footsteps. I now have a Model 2 Grandtec IP camera running 1. To do a firmware upgrade simply go to http: Jaycar are a bunch of fools cajera selling this crap.

Finally, found out from netcamera.

I upgraded going to http: If u have a idea or driver pls contact me. Thanks for the help! From sniffing the network traffic, we found out that they had messed up on the Content headers and was appending the stream data as part of the Content Length header.

My situation was as follows this may help others: GD 4-Port Video Server. So that my iPhone and mac can see them.


I also tryed reserving the ip My old firmware pf 1. I appreciate the post and links here.

GRANDTEC WiFi Camera Pro :: IP/Wi-Fi camera – Comel Soft Multimedia, Ltd.

Hopefully anyone who is unsuccessful with the 1. It is best to avoid it for now until a fix is available. Best regards to all, Stew. Well, my camera is grand ip camfra III and it almost died after fw update.

Comment feed for this granxtec. Your credentials are only used locally by javascript to generate a URL for your camera.

Getting connected within 10 secs, using bit WEP. Notify me of replies.

I upgraded with the Hama site hosted firmware. However Google Chrome swwms to work fine without needing to install anything!