I plugged this cable modem in, went to their online activation website make sure to select the CGD Netgear modem in the drop-down box, no CGDv2 was there , entered my account info and it said it was going to activate, which I laughed at. Every couple of years, the modem rental price has gone up a buck. I had nothing but trouble getting my last cable modem working with them a few years back, and the router add-on to it barely ever worked at all without constant resets. I swapped it with my 5 year old Motorola surfboard modem 4 down, 1 up and waited about 10 minutes as it updated the modem automatically the modems lights put on quite a show. You should use these as your leverage with the cable company for a better deal.

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Unless the combo device is provided for free not likelyor if you’re a Comcast customer and you like the new xFi featuresalways get a standalone modem and a separate router. Only 14 left in stock – order soon. Just unplugged the old modem, connected mx323 new one and then made a phone call to tech support Comcast as I needed to provide my MAC address to them. The “time bachine” functionality in particular just isn’t there, and the Asus website is an endless twisting maze of misery.

With this modem I am hitting almost 90 Mbps. There are also no moving parts inside modems most of them don’t even have ventilation fans. So moving the router to a more central point fixed the issue.


Below are some pros and cons. To that end, I’ve boiled things down to the seven most popular gatewayy I generally receive from readers on the subject of cable internet.

I’ve included in-depth answers to each, including suggestions on how to save on your monthly bill spoiler: All you need to do is insert the cables provided, tighten the coaxial cord, and call your internet service provider. I was extremely skeptical this would work well or set up cleanly with Cox Communications. Out of nowhere, I was having excruciatingly slow internet speed on Comcast.

Gateway Mx Series 56k Dial up Modem W/cable g | eBay

I was having issues getting a wifi signal throughout my square foot home and out in the yard utilizing the Motorola Surfboard Gateway, of which I have had several models over the years. You can also get deals by subscribing to multiple-service packages, such as TV, internet, and phone, though don’t subscribe for what you’re not planning on using. I work from home so it gets a lot of use and in IT security.

Was easy to set up with cable TWC as this model is listed as compatible on there web site. With that said I was getting tired of Comcast throttling my speeds during certain hours of the day and night, so I purchased this modem to attempt to by pass them all together.

It is a small, powerful, well designed and attractive product. Setup via the gzteway wizard was a breeze.

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Though I was getting connection throughout the house it would drop or lag in some areas. Loving this modem so far. I don’t see any cons other then the power cord having a bump at the plug which causes the brick to wobble and potentially come lose. Means they are using a high Put this one in it’s place. It gave a full speed signal anywhere in the 2 level condo with zero problem.


CNET editor Dong Ngo shares tips on how to best equip your home for cable internet while saving your hard-earned dollars. The speed is amazing and the voice is crystal clear.

Don’t show this again. Mx323 when you want to upgrade your broadband speed, you just need to upgrade the modem. Remove your current cable modem. This item was extremely easy to setup and activate.

Gateway Mx3230 Series 56k Dial up Modem W/cable 83-500075-000g

More on home networking Untangling the mesh: Full Wifi signal strength throughout the house. If you have the Comcast triple play with voice, stop reading right now and buy this modem. Get one that’s capable of delivering at least the mmodem of the broadband data plan to which you subscribe.