Users browsing this forum: Alas, under DOS I was never able to get anything but monophonic wave voice sound. The chip is obviously by Avance Logic, but I have no idea what brand the cards were sold under. Then again Wolf3D does this even on a SB. There’s nothing special about them.

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I could not get WSS to work in Mpxplay. A good SB16 is a great, period-correct card, that will work for almost everything. Nothing remains in memory after it runs, so it ought to have been built as an EXE. I also found some drivers here, http: W98SE comes with workable drivers for this card. Then again Wolf3D does this even on a SB.

ESS Technologies drivers – ESS Technologies Sound Card Drivers

Turtle Beach Rio drivers, patches and documentation. Turtle Beach Tropez drivers, patches and documentation. Only issue that the SiS is a little bit slower than the Bx on copying files. I forget which one it was.

ISA go Bragh™

I meant a real mixer in form of a Windows application. Gravis UltraSound Classic installation disks v2.

Overall, this is very close to a GUS PnP, but there is something wonky about stereo voice, like it’s partly out of phase or something, and the balance is completely off on the CD analog audio input. The advanced compression algorithm patented, an early form of psychoacoustic compression using similar spectra of ADPCM-encoded waves reduced the memory footprint of speech about a hundredfold, so one second of speech would require 90 to bytes.


Switching synths that way is one of the flaky things.

Sound Blaster Patch for Sierra Games. The UIDE incompatibility is completely gone. No other 3D technology can offer the user a “set-and-forget” feature like this.

If it’s V or below, you don’t have ros bug. I can’t actually download anything from Driver Guide. After a three-year exclusive deal with Telesensory Systems from toForrest Mozer sold a 3-year license to National Semiconductorand they created another chip using Mozer synthesis, the MM “Digitalker”.

The status report that HWSET outputs afterward incorrectly shows all volumes at maximum 16but setting the volume lower clearly works. Having done that, it goes back to Basic configuration on the next boot, but the DMA setting sticks and is no longer locked? It does provide bit fidelity without the need for WSS.

There is no material that is knowingly illegal here. Maybe a hardware failure.

This quirky non-PnP card allows the base address to be selected by jumper, but other settings can be changed only using Aztech’s proprietary configurator. I used these Vogons drivers. Sound cards that use two DMAs for full-duplex operation recording and playing at the same time will usually fall back to half-duplex mode if the two DMAs are set to the same value. The problem is that PnP assigns DMA 3, but the module thinks that the only valid choices are 0 and 1. Covox Virtual Soundblaster v2.

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If the same sound and same level, or volume, of sound is also passed through the right speaker then it will create the effect of the piano sound coming from the center of the two speakers – in essence from a “phantom” speaker.

Of the three cards you mention, I’d use the based one.

ESS Technology

This problem is resolved by pressing the reset button. Professor Mozer’s technique not only produced very realistic sounding speech, it also required very little on-chip later, in software RAMa sparse and expensive commodity at that time. The bass and treble controls even work.