And finally, probably the worst thing about them, and I think it probably hearkens back to the awful drivers – They’re literally “buggy”. It then says to make control changes in Mame itself by using the [Tab] configuration page. I know that im going to buy two for my upcoming build and see how much better they are. Andy shipped out the modules very quickly from the UK. I tried it for 2 hours then gave up. This means if you tap the trigger a few times the gear will reliably pull back the slide just a little bit. Since we’re on the subject of light guns, I bought 2 of these a while ago http:

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But the gun needs a very accurate calibration. I would like to not have to change anything at all when launching any Mame if possible whether they use light guns or not. That game is precise with its timing and aim — and it’s just hard.

So in all I give it 3 stars because it can be abit difficult to get it setup and it has to be configured everytime you want to use it.

The TopGun’s slide also kicks back with each shot, which is a particularly cool feature that we’ve always been sad wasn’t incorporated in the GunCon. I am not a huge fan of lasers myself, but if you get one of these I’d recommend playing it that way. One calibration and it was awesome.


Choose Yes No ]. Posted November 13, I play single-player but if I had to stand off to the side a bit, I’d also re-calibrate for that. Every half an hour so, your mouse goes to the top of the screen and spams left clicks even when you haven’t touched the guns, and em only way to get your mouse function back is to turn the gun on and off, sometimes twice, sometimes both of them.

When used in conjunction with images of the original arcade game’s ROM and disk data, MAME attempts to reproduce that game as faithfully as possible on a more modern general-purpose computer.

LCD TopGun Review – IGN

Hey guitarman84, how’s your new guns doing? Jae 1 on 26, Dec. Setting the gun to single-shot action made every bullet connect, but we couldn’t pull the trigger fast enough to work with the machinegun mechanic that the game is based upon.

I have to roll down the window shade and close lii light for them to work properly but I don’t mind at all, it reminds me of the local arcades where it was dark and loud! Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

If you’re reading this “review” then you’re already a lightgun enthusiast, and in this regard topgu will love these guns. Posted January 14, I can’t comment on the gun itself since I don’t have the shells.

The modules are smaller than I expected that’s a good thing but the sensors on the front are slightly tilted and that still messes with me. Instruction manual Missing links?



The on-screen mouse movement is jerky and laggy, so I found turning those off, and tlpgun the laser site, the best playing experience. Happily, a couple of manufacturers have been working hard on a solution, and the first of a new generation of HDTV compatible lightguns are on the market. This means if you tap the trigger to;gun few times the gear will reliably wms back the slide just a little bit.

It’s not that hard a kick less than a. On both my main MAME Windows XP system and my newer laptop, the wireless exhibited a little bit of lag, but nothing inhibiting casual play. Installation is a breeze and they work like a charm. I mean, plenty of peeps do all of their killing, and dating, exclusively in the virtual world.

Please login first Our privacy statement. For the record I also purchased the OEM sensor bar. I played some time crisis 3 and it was a great experience i loved it. Gopgun all of these reasons, I’m gonna have to give them 4-stars. But the operative word there is ‘when’. Posted November 13, edited.