Use the keypad to type in the number between 1 and for the speed dial destination, and then press the Select key. You have made an excellent choice. Page – Do not cover the machine immediately after using it. If [NONE] is selected, no simula- tion profile is specified. Remove the document from the ADF document feed tray. If the edited group dial destination is registered in the favorite list, a confirmation message asking whether or not to keep the destination registered as it is appears after the operation in step 12 is performed. Page Make sure that the toner car- tridge is the same color as the machine compartment, and then insert the toner cartridge into the machine.

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Do not tilt removed toner cartridge, otherwise toner may spill. Please note that by deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies you may not be able to access certain areas or features of our site. Before loading a docu- ment into the ADF, check that no document pages remain on the original glass. Be sure to handle the DIMM by the edges only.

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Media is flat, especially on the leading edge. Do not load so much paper that the top of the stack is higher than the maximum limit guide. Page Insert the protective sheet into the unit in the direction of the arrow until it stops. Guaranteed Imageable Printable Area The printable area on all media sizes is up to 4 mm 0.

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If [Left Binding] is selected, the pages can be folded as a left-bound booklet. About Duplex Printing Duplex double-sided printing can be done with this machine, which has the duplex unit built in as a standard. Page Open the fuser unit cover.

Laser Lens This machine is constructed with four laser lenses.

Page – [Image size] Shows the data size of the scan image. If an antistatic wrist strap is provided in this machine option kit, attach one end of it to your wrist and the other end to the bare metal chassis devellp the back of this machine. These settings are available only if the document is loaded in the ADF. Media matches the machine specifications. Warm-up time sec Approx.

The media is moist Remove the moist media and replace insufficient from humidity. To add an additional e-mail address, select [ADD] in step 7, and then specify the destination. The right side cover of the lower feeder must be opened before the feeder can be installed onto the machine. Service Messages These messages indicate a more serious fault that can only be corrected by a customer service engineer.

Close the right side cover of Tray 3. If [OFF] is selected, the edges are not emphasized.


From this screen, a general estimate of the amount of toner remaining in the toner cartridges can be viewed. Indication Description Data format Indicates the data format that is selected. Turn off all power switches first. Test all thick stock to ensure acceptable performance and to ensure that the image does not shift.

Page Fan the paper you removed and then align it well.

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Make sure that the new imaging unit to be installed is the same color as the machine compart- ment, and then install the imag- ing unit in the machine. Remove the protective cover from the imaging unit.

Press the Select key to select [YES]. Printing can continue even after this message appears; how- ever, since the print quality is reduced, the fuser unit should be replaced immediately Turn off the machine and dis- connect the power cord and Insert the new transfer belt unit along the rails. Reconnect the power cord, and turn on the machine. Clean the laser lens. Page Remove any misfed media. The following instructions show the procedure to replace the imaging unit K.