Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster. Resources for IT Professionals. There are two basic NIC Teaming configurations: Thanks for your reply, my nics are both QLogic, so based on the management software for those Nics I need to configure 1 IP for both Nics. Could you provide me with the correct syntax to create this on a Cisco as I have found there are many ways to do the same command, also can I split 1 team over 2 switches? Inside of each of these managers, you will be able to select, adjust the type of team, and set an IP address. January 3, at 4:

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The Port-Channel interface will be configured in Trunk mode for our ciscco. Last input never, output I did come across this guide though which may or may not help: Are there any special considerations when using “Switch Independent” mode?

The Standby Adapter option will be available when more than two network adapters are available for teaming. Great blog post, could I ask a question. And, the answer is Any feedback greatly appricated.


Solved: vNIC : enable failover or teaming ??? – Cisco Community

I’d suggest referencing the specific config pages on cisco. Not an IT pro?

In case VLAN Trunking support is required, do not forget to use the switchport mode trunk command to enable trunking and then switchport trunk native vlan X to configure the native VLAN for the EtherChannel, icsco X with the necessary vlan number. Configure both switch ports to be part of Channel-Group 1 and set it to active mode. No special configuration changes are necessary. Hope this helps, Keith.

Previous Section Complete Course. Most of the administrator face the issue in configuring NIC Teaming at the other side which is Cisco switch.

NIC Teaming in Windows Server 2012 – Do I Need to Configure My Switch?

The VMware Compatibility Guide. In network properties, we can see the NIC Team icon and its speed showing as 2.

Connecting your feedback with data related to your visits device-specific, usage data, cookies, behavior and interactions will help us improve faster. Network cards from the server can connect to different switches within our network.

NIC Teaming in Windows Server – Do I Need to Configure My Switch? –

I would just like to confirm the split team outline below. Any help would be greatly appricated. Mic could be the reason? On the Cisco switch in my lab, here’s the configuration I used with the ” Static ” team mode: Now You Try It!


My current set up is as follows: If your Cisco switches are stacked together, you’ll be able to create an EtherChannel across both switches and trunk VLANs through them.

You will need to find out the manufacturer of the NIC cards likely Intel or Broadcom and download the management software for them. Installation and Configuration miniporh Fine-Grained Password Get an award-winning backup solution for Free!

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We should note that the MAC address used by the virtual adapter will usually be the MAC address from either physical network adapters. Learn More Got it! Cisck currently viewing a course logged out Sign In. So if you chose to use software teaming, you could use the software download available from Cisco. FCXS show interface port-channel 1.