The Asus X53E leaves us with a positive impression in many points. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Asus All In One: Windows 7 COA included. Application and gaming performance:

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The LED backlight boosts the brightness rates to a solid level. If you want to plug 5x3e a few accessories, there are a few ports to take advantage of. A battery runtime of still nearly 4 hours remain in the practical WLAN surfing test. Unfortunately, the lid’s torsional stiffness isn’t particularly high. It only starts to yield under medium, selective pressure.

The display lid’s textured surface is attractive and even reduces fingerprints. Asus has simply distributed all ports in the notebook’s front area. I first found this computer at another retailer. Nevertheless, display teetering is kept within limits and even opening with one hand is easily possible.

Nevertheless, you still have to live without basses asua they do sound very flat.

ASUS X53E-RH71 ” Notebook Computer (Black) X53E-RH71

A stronger processor could be of help for video editing. There weren’t loads of stickers, like known from other manufacturers, on the wrist-rest, either.


Two large buttons sit underneath. The emission rates, so noise and temperature, also convince and even allow use in the adus. The palmrest does have a worn spot. We again used the real time strategy game StarCraft 2: The Asus X53E leaves us with a positive impression in many points.

Asus X53E review

You don’t have to fear missing the end of a movie when you want to watch a DVD, either. Unfortunately, the black value of 1. The screen is insensitive to oblique viewing angles especially horizontally. You see more of yourself and your d53e than of the screen’s content in good weather. This isn’t really a gaming laptop as it has Intel hd integrated graphics and thats not why I bought it.

But it can’t completely prevent them, though. Aaus, the picture quickly stutters in situations with many units and effects. Cinebench R10 Rendering Single 32Bit.

Asus X53E-SX1556D Laptop

It’s got everything a laptop needs and a great cooling system, processor, keyboard, and screen. However, it is still remote from sufficing audiophiles’ demands. I wanted a laptop so that I was not stuck in my office when I wanted to work on my new project.


The hinges don’t make a particularly stable impression at first glance but they do their job. I like this more because I x53r tend to hit the Windows key instead of the Ctrl key on notebooks. We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used.

The sides are quickly cluttered by cables and there is a mess beside the laptop if the notebook is to be used stationary or if you have many peripheral devices. The wrist-rest heats up to The hinges aren’t quite smooth, but on the other hand, they have a firm grip on the display.

The included 65 watt power adapter also has a sufficient capacity. However, as soon as you tilt the screen, the image clearly worsens fast and the colors invert or the image fades. I overlooked the color because I liked how it contrasts from any other laptop.