The difference is that the card in question was developed with multimedia functions and SmartDoctor hardware monitoring in mind. Input quality is about what I expected from our V Deluxe output. System memory bus free to perform other functions. Hardware color space conversion and filtering YUV 4: The smaller the file, the lousier the quality.

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Asus Video Security Unfortunately my capture software couldn’t catch the video input from my Canon ES camcorder that should be where the pink window is but that’s where it should be.

Give Delxe some money! But the PCB is a bit shorter.

ASUS VTI and ASUS VT2/T5 Video Cards Reviews

You don’t need a super-card to do DVD playback, by the way. It’s high time for all companies to hurry up and to launch the Titanium based cards if they haven’t done it yet, otherwise, the monsters will eat up their share.

In English, that means it makes it easier to punch up the apparent brightness of the image, without turning all of your blacks grey or burning out everything light-coloured. EliteMT produces memory chips with 3.

ASUS V Deluxe 32MB GeForce2 GTS

Although I don’t see any use for this feature in my daily routine, I did secure my lab for a couple days to see what happened after hours when I was gone. And often less than that, depending on the task.

Windows 98 SE 4. If you don’t have Win98, you’re not stuck. Partly because the support software had incompatibilities galore and a lousy interface, and partly because of the clunky glasses, which despite their little foam nose pads tend to be quite uncomfortable, difficult to line up with the eyes, and a lot heavier than Buddy Holly’s nerdiest frames.

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Driver ASUS AGP-V7700 Deluxe 56.55 (98/ME)

The only problem was that it didn’t seem to work with any of my other games. GeForce2s run pleasingly cool compared with the earlier GeForce chip, and so pretty much any old chip cooler will do the job.

But as it lacks for additional cooling, the overclocking potential isn’t be high. It is the highest possible overclocking qgp for such cards. In normal operation, though, the Ass Deluxe is pleasingly quirk-free, and its video in and out work perfectly well.

And the layout is slightly redesigned since overclocking of the 3. Like other ASUS “Deluxe” cards, the V comes with their big, chunky LCD shutter-glasses, which let you play your games in 3D by very rapidly blacking out each side in turn, in synchrony delhxe rapidly switching images on the monitor.

You can fit an hour of by video into 3Gb or so if you compress it while it’s captured – and you won’t need a super-new processor to do that.

But there’s not even a sniff of the actual numbers, and no information on the test system, beyond a strangled “16x12x32” legend that, I presume, means the tests were run in by in 32 bit colour. Deluxr you lose image quality. If you want quality real-time hardware compression of high resolution which, in this case, means by high frame rate video, you still need a dedicated capture card.

Remember that you can’t clearly display by on any monitor smaller than 21 inches. This veteran status really began with the release of their popular TNT based V, which received excellent reviews.

And a TWAIN driver that lets you import single frames into a graphics application, for easy use of a motion video device as an impromptu still camera. And they pretty much all have 32 megabytes of video memory, though some pricey units have 64Mb, which can actually make a difference in games with tons and tons of texture data, but still often doesn’t.


But according to NVIDIA’s press release, Ultra boards will only come with 64Mb of RAM, which is bad news for anybody who doesn’t normally have trouble squeezing their wallet shut around their giant wad of cash. Video Studio takes you step by step through making a video. Conclusion If we compare the ASUS cards with the other camp – ATI, we will see that they have almost equal forces if we take into consideration deficiency of the Canadian cards, a fast landslide of prices for ASUS cards and an average performance of all the tests.

Where things get interesting, dsluxe, is the bundled software that makes the multimedia aspects of this product shine. The Competition Many of our readers have been using older solutions to provide the video tasks they require but have requested that we find newer graphics solutions for them that provide the excellent 3D performance that the older models lack. Now, it’s not like you’re paying a million dollars for this 3D system, and for the money it’s excellent.

Make a phone call to the zsus phone number. Test Setup Graphics Cards and Drivers.