But I’m not as capable. All the best Brett. The Acer Empowering Technology folder. Looks like I have some reading to do. Jeff, You can try two things: You can use Easy Recovery Essentials our recovery and repair disk to automatically find and fix boot errors.

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Click on Create Factory Default Disc.

Downloads Laptop&PC Drivers: Acer Aspire Z Notebook Drivers Windows XP VISTA 7

The Acer Empowering Technology folder. If you want to restore the computer using your saved Acer recovery disks, follow these instructions.

If the answer doesn’t lie on a script which they can read off of, they don’t know what to do. I’ve tried a number of things, but generally, here’s what I’m doing: Restore Factory Settings in Windows 8.

Your recovery disks are now created. Backup your files before you continue with this process. If the Acer Recovery Management software for Acr 8 displays errors when creating the USB recovery drive, make sure you have all the Microsoft Windows updates available and installed to your computer. 5376z the software finishes the process, click Finish to exit the program. Burn a backup disk item.


Acer Aspire 5736Z laptop Wi-Fi device drivers

The Acer eRecovery Management software. The Acer eRecovery Management software for Windows 8 users.

May 15, 1: If you are not able to boot into Windows 8, but have the USB recovery disk created, you can restore the system by following these instructions:. You should full format the drive when installing windows, not on another computer as windows recods bad sectors internally so it won’t use them. Windows Vista and 7 users may need to add the hard drive letter after chkdsklike this:.

scer Do they work with XP anyway? After the chkdsk process is completed, restart your computer. May 15, 5: These instructions are for Windows Vista. Thanks, that was a good suggestion, but I just ran Memtest and it successfully ran two full passes and didn’t report any errors.

Read more at Windows Recovery Disks. Looking for a recovery disk for Acer? Your question Get the answer. It seems like what I’m doing should work, yet I’m still getting a blue screen.


Download recovery disk for Windows 8 Using Windows 7? Acer Recovery Management software in Windows 8. All the best Brett. Find the Acer folder by clicking on Start. The software that allows you to create a recovery media, reinstall Windows without the original installation disk and xpp the drivers of your system is called Acer eRecovery Management.

When I get to the point to type in my XP product code, the installer says it’s not valid. Your Windows XP system uses a different software version with different steps. The NeoSmart Support Forumsmember-to-member technical support acdr troubleshooting. Alabalcho a b D Laptop.