The driver now generally also works under all user privilege levels down to and including the “guest” account. It worked like a charm. Whether this effort is continued or not largely depends on the willingness of individuals to spend a day or two translating stuff into their native tongue – solely for being given credit. The bad news is that you will have to re-do all the settings made with version 2. Direct DMA Buffer mode has been tweaked a little for better performance needs testing As a negative side effect, things may need a longer time to get in sync after you start the application or apply some changes in the control panel. I downloaded the ASIO driver and still have the same problem. Pull-Mode to be used at all.

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SigmaTel High Definition Audio as also used on Intel based Macs should work now, hopefully making for a number of happy not just Boot- campers.

Realtek AC97 and ASIO drivers

Improved algorithm to find a workable sample rate for some devices e. Fixed a bug that would make the driver not work with some applications if the audio device does not support 48kHz. This is mostly a ssio fix release on top of 2.


With the information I have received, I have been able to implement a much better workaround. Remove excess outputlatency under the followingconditions: This does not completely fix anything, but rather helps to avoid crashes, while still losing functionality.

Added a watchdog thread that is supposed to kick in should the host audio engine use all of the CPU due to e.

Add general fixed factor resampling capabilty. Good news for some! W is gone since soon he will be indeed.

Symptom of an old broken download would be stuttering playback with x64 hosts. I did the leg work reading up on that DSP stuff. Fix a minor issue with the default configuration in x The quality of this, more often than not, is very questionable. Otherwise, the behaviour should be entirely transparent. Consequently, people have started sending condolences. Whenever you check the Direct DMA box and the current settings are not very reasonable, buffer size and iodelay settings are adjusted to reasonable defaults.

Update 18 August Function of the “Always Resample” checkbox was inverted. Workaround for a bug in CT drivers.

This sometimes was mis-perceived as having to up the buffer size if using ReWuschel when normally you should not have to. There are more features in v2 so it could be a factor. Finally, something new for you to mess around with!

I have received a response from the Propellerheads and it seems that my error description below is not entirely correct. Are the Windows sounds disabled? I have an AC97 soundcard and get the same error messages as the person who started this thread these drivers don’t support the current audio format or are in use by another application.


Also, an issue has been fixed that would have made it impossible to set a reasonable Input Delay on some systems. The Windows internal USB audio driver usbaudio.

Realtek ac97 compatibility

Improved Direct DMA mode restart behavior. This does not mean an increase in latency, however! Further, you may have ended up in a situation where decent latency figures were achievable 48kHz, but severe crackling did occur at The rest, as well as the stuff mentioned above that has not yet become a trademark of Microsoft, Corp.

USB audio devices that were blocked by other audio applications would have been flagged as “beyond logic”. The WDM audio “drivers” shipped with these devices are simply ignored. Helps with mono input devices, such as e. User Control Panel Log awio.