Okay, here it is: I always assumed it was just an IS7. I do actually have a 2TB SATA hard drive sitting on the shelf that was meant to be an upgrade to solve my next never ending space problem. Improve compatibility with software modem for power management. Improve compatibility with WinDVD 4. Although some will be moving onto an external if I ever get the PC working right again. Modify driver for some customized settings.

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Fix underrun noise issue by changing threshold value for ATi chipset. But still abit is7 sound silly thing is unstable. Abit IS7 sound problem. Add workaround code for ATI chipset recording issue. As to bios, I am computer illiterate, will just go check how to check that.

Fully support Jack sensing function with multiple language. Do you have those?

Suspicious Activity Detected

New engine require DirectX 8. Please click “Finish” button to complete the installation. How high can I let the temperature go? Qbit wait a few minutes and go put tea on, pity I did not see that before turning it off.

Edit It did not freeze this time and I finally got on there to get some of the stuff I wanted that was backed up from the hard drive that died. I have grown attached to having the CCC options available and would like to try and keep them this time, especially as one seems to fix an ati2dvag infinite loop problem I had.


Case is not physically warm yet, when it got up to the 90’s previously the case was getting warm. There are no unknown devices in the hardware manager and I have connected the SATA drive just to ablt sure it is not going to want anything.

Abit’s IS7 motherboard

I know it’s an extra step but it soubd pays back when you run into problems. Will wait a few minutes and abit is7 sound put tea on, pity I did not see that before turning it off.

When the PC came back with the new motherboard l still had all my old soundmax stuff installed as well as the new drivers and software, so l uninstalled the soundmax utilities. Your mobo has 2 SATA ports though, but they must be unoccupied No, abit is7 sound the hard drives are sort of full of stuff.

Universal abit > Motherboard, Digital Speakers, iDome, AirPace, Multimedia

Customize The Tech Report HCT Scan on windows x64 os. Support 6-bits capability for Master Volume control if hardware support it. Can try THIS http: Correct the gain settings of master volume for ALC ver. The sound is enabled in the bios, abit is7 sound looks like the same driver is being iis7 as was used last time, but l am missing something: Check the post above, edited. Skyrim was not running as well as it used to before the hard drive died on me. Prevent potential discontinuities in 8-bit streams.


Obviously you’ll need to redo formatting later. Would have cost a lot more for the upgrades, and it was beyond my budget, I will be trying to play catch up with just that price. Turn off analog input pass to surround function when suspend.

Try iis7 stress test after you finish with data. Seems you had no proper driver for SATA installed. Just have to find the program to attack it with, and a PC to run it, it is an old program and has been years since I used it.

Everyone is an “expert” nowadays Try disconnecting one of Seagate disks, the one which is on the same cable as WD.